Start selling your product in the UAE within 2 weeks

No Commitments

  •        No Trade License
  •        No Residency Visa
  •         No Company Bank Account
  •         No VAT Registration
  •         No Corporate Tax Registration
  •        No Municipality Registration
  •     No Import Code Registration

Body leasing

We have UAE

  • Government Trade Licenses
  • Institutional Registrations
  • Marketplace Credentials
  • Storage & Fulfilment
  • Manpower & Banking
  • Local Business Network  

We have a selling solution for every kind of product

You want to test out UAE market for your product in real time?

Starting your own company in a foreign market such as the UAE can be intimidating, expensive, time-consuming, and risky.  In a best case scenario, it will take you about 2 months of intensive work, and approximately AED 90k in expenses (government & business related). Read More

Our Solution:

  • Enter the market with your product
  •  Sell  on online marketplaces and offline channels
  •  Test product performance without risk
  •   Build a credible client base
  •  Get your product recognition
  • Get significant TAX breaks at your home country for working with us


The products



Make Up

Beauty tools


Beauty electronics

Self-care appliances


Apparel accessories


Clothing and shoes


Athleisure wear

Beach wear 


Car Accessories

Detailing products

Cars and Motorcycles

Bicycles and Scooters

Biking gear

Food & Bevarages


Protein & workout food

Meat & Dairy 


Eco & organic food

Soft drinks and juices



Intirior Décor


Cooking appliances 

Cleaning appliances


Mobile phones



Smart Watches 








Health & Fitness

exercise equipment

Protein & workout food



Injury support

You’re in good hands

We are Ada and Aadil, the Founders of Local Commercial Agency (LCA) in Dubai. With more than 26 years of local UAE market experience between us, we have witnessed the journey of over 300 new born companies in this country.

8 years ago, Ada began with company formation services for European entrepreneurs and brands coming to the UAE. She used her European roots and also her acumen for local Arab culture to bridge the Western world with Dubai.

Aadil has been pitching Dubai as a commercial hub to international companies since 2007, and has helped them develop successful local operations. Being born and raised in Dubai, he has the unique advantage of having the right local business connections. Ada and Aadil observed similar pain points that arose consistently during the formation and operationak stages which adversely impacted new businesses. We knew many of these concerns could be avoided…

…and that’s how the idea of LCA was born!    

Our Team

Succeeding in Dubai requires hard earned expertise and connections. This is why we value having the right people on board who are truly the best in their field.


Meet the people who will be responsible for your success.




Accountant & Auditing

Kate Havier

Amazon & Noon listings

Justyna Gaura

Product legal registration

Nisar Joshunda

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Wojciech Gandurski

Tax and trade Lawyer

The Benefits

No long-term Commitment

No Registration fees and procedures

Selling in UAE market

Real market test with real data

Tax deductable service

The Process

Consult your product with us

Choose your package

Sign Agreement

Send Us the product

Import procedures

Product is listed online

Product is bought

Product is shipped

Product is performing

We pay you sales income

Collected data

Expand to retail

Buld an empire

Stay in touch for market updates

Online Education, Courses, & Seminars

Weekly followups and interactive sessions from the team are available on our social media.

Wiew the calendar and attend a webinar, live or a course.


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United Arab Emirates

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